That’s us

The Vienna University Children’s Office is an innovative platform for ideas and projects. We develop and implement educational projects in the fields of science, media and democracy with children, young people, families and educational institutions. Our wide range of childcare services is geared to the compatibility of parenthood and career for individuals, companies and organisations in the university and non-university sectors.

Our Projects

The Vienna University Children’s Office is a spin-off company of the University of Vienna and, after several years of project work, has been operating since 2006 as an independent non-profit limited liability company that implements innovations on a project-financed basis at regional, national and international level at the interface between science and society. In doing so, we draw on extensive experience in a large number of different projects.

  • Vienna University Children’s Office: Pool of Ideas – Development of innovative formats for communicating science
    Education, knowledge, curiosity, enthusiasm and diversity – At science communication projects people can try out, ask questions, laugh, research, think and marvel.
    Reference project: Vienna Children’s University
  • Open and equal access – Outreach Programs
    We bring science to people and specifically reach children and young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
    Reference project: Children’s University on Tour
  • Compiling complex content for children and young people
    We translate research and knowledge-based content for children and young people and use various dissemination media.
    Reference project: DemokratieWEBstatt, on behalf of the Austrian Parliament
  • Opening and exploring rooms for and together with children
    We open rooms for children and young people and bring decision-makers together with children and young people.
    Reference project: UniClub, CampusKids, Youth Parliament (on behalf of the Austrian Parliament)
  • Media education for children
    We develop media usage programs for children and young people and implement innovative media education concepts.
    Reference project: A1 Internet for all, digi4under6, Internet Hero
  • Educational work in Day Care Centers and holiday programmes
    We accompany children from an early age on, contribute to their compatibility, and help them to become cheerful, attentive and self-confident people.
    Reference project: Nursery “Staunemäuse” and “Forscherflöhe”, “Uniküken” and “Unispatzen”, “Neugierdsnäschen”, a service to students and staff of the University of Vienna
  • Pedagogically sound childcare services in companies and at events
    We offer childcare where it is needed – situation-oriented and adapted to the general conditions of the place and the needs of the children and parents. The well-being of the children, fun and joy are in the focus.
    Reference project:
    Flying Nanny
  • Continuous quality development and international anchoring
    Originating from the University of Vienna, we follow university values and basic attitudes. The academic foundation of our work, cooperation with experts, interdisciplinarity and international anchoring are essential quality elements of our work.
    Reference project: European Children’s Universities Network
  • Thinking ahead and beyond the box together with children
    In the context of science communication, we understand children and young people not only as recipients, but also as active creators.
    Reference project: “Multiinclude – Ideas for Inclusive Education”, funded by Erasmus and the European Union;