Completed International Projects

Sci4all—European Researchers Night, Vienna (2018–2019)

Coordinator: PRIA (Practical Robotics Institute Austria), Austria; H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2018: Horizon 2020 ID: 819006

MERSCIN—Mersin Researchers Night (2018–2019)

Coordinator: Mersin Universitesi, Turkey; funding: H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2018 ID: 818725

Khoj Boxes (2017–2019)

Khoj is the Hindi word for discover. The idea: a new form of mini experiment boxes for children of elementary school age in India and Europe, which allow new perspectives on their own lives, but also communicate large contexts, which give simple instructions for research, but do not diminish independent thinking, which motivate them to find their own solutions and lead to innovations. (Social Entrepreneurship Challenge in cooperation with Manthan Education, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India—supported by Austrian Development Agency)

InEDU—Innovate, Educate, Awake (2016–2018)

The project aims at stimulating the exchange of experiences between actors in school education and in extracurricular education programmes in multinational seminars and to incorporate didactic findings into low-threshold science boxes. (Erasmus+, #2016-1-PL01-KA201-026744, 2016–2018, Partner)

SciChallenge (2015–2017)

SciChallenge is a Europe-wide competition for young people on new research topics in science, computing, technology or mathematics. (#665868, H2020-SEAC-2014-1, 2015–2017, lead applicant)

SiS Catalyst—Children as Change Agents (2010–2014)

In SiS Catalyst, numerous measures and materials have been developed that have stimulated the exchange of experience between Children’s University organisers and promoted cooperation and quality development. In the long term, the results of the project should support universities and other scientific institutions in implementing such awareness measures on a strategic and practical level. (#266634, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2010-1, 2010–2014, Partner) (2008–2010)—2010: Foundation of a Membership Organization

The Global Children’s University Network—started as an EU-funded project in 2008 (#217810, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2007-1, 2008–2010, coordinator) and since 2010 an association of 65 institutional members around the topic Children’s University in 29 countries.

ECFUN (2005–2008)

In ECFUN, a multilingual science portal with content for children from 9 to 12 years of age has been developed and implemented in six languages, spoken by 10 million children in this age group in Europe, presenting scientists with their individual lives and educational pathways as role models. (#020817, FP6-2004-Science-and-society-11, 2005–2008, Coordinator)
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