Day Care Center at the Campus

Nursery “Neugierdsnäschen”

The nursery “Neugierdsnäschen” is located on the campus of the University of Vienna. Children are researchers and explorers, they explore the world on their own – and that’s what we want to do with them. The focus is on curiosity and astonishment.

Daily Routine

  • 30 minutes to the start: arriving in the nursery
  • afterwards: healthy snack together, various game offers, free playing
  • 15 minutes before the end: picking up the children

Focus: Individual acclimatisation

The central goal of the children’s group is that the children feel comfortable and enjoy coming to us. In order to achieve this, great importance is attached to a careful and individual acclimatisation of the children, the basis of which is a trusting and sustainable relationship with the carers.

The transition from care in the family environment to extra-familial group care represents a major challenge for very young children and their parents. Therefore, a trusting cooperation between parents and caregivers is an essential part of the acclimatisation process.


Parental Workroom

The nursery “Neugierdsnäschen” takes care of very young children. In the adjoining room, parents are given the opportunity to pursue their academic activities in a parental workroom. Thus the babies are in a protected environment and the parents have free space to work.

In addition to laptop workstations and WLAN, the parents’ workroom also offers a breastfeeding area and the necessary supply of tea and coffee for working and studying parents.


Childcare four half days: 95 €/month
For a particularly good child care ratio in a small group (2 teachers for 8 children) and psychological support; 10 € for a healthy snack are included.

The nursery is supported by public funds of the City of Vienna – MA 10.
The prizes apply to those children who are supported by the City of Vienna’s support model (MA 10) and are registered in the database of the MA 10 (announcement of the child number in the Vienna University Children’s Office). The main residence of at least one parent in Vienna is a precondition for the support of the City of Vienna.

Registration fee: 150 € (to be paid once on admission)

The Vienna University Children’s Office is free to make price adjustments.


Please indicate your interest in a childcare place using the online form.

Early Years Teachers

The nursing team is multidisciplinary. The children are carefully accompanied on their first steps into independence by trained and very experienced specialist in early childhood development.

Team nursery “Neugierdsnäschen”