Day Care Center Heiligenstädter Straße

Nursery “Uniküken” and “Unispatzen”

In the nursery “Uniküken” and “Unispatzen” children are cared for all day from Monday to Friday.

Daily Routine

  • 07:30–09:00 a.m.: Arrival in the nursery including snack time
  • 09:00–12:00 a.m.: Games, singing, painting, dancing, excursions, playground and much more.
  • 12:00 a.m.: Lunch; afterwards rest time, sleeping
  • from 1:00 p.m.: Free play, individual support in small groups
  • 2:45 p.m.: healthy snack
  • until 4:30 p.m.: pick up of the children (Friday until 3:30 p.m.)

Focus of the nursery Uniküken: encouraging independence

The central goal of our children’s group is that the children feel comfortable and enjoy coming to us. In order to achieve this, great importance is attached to a careful and individual adaptation of the children, the basis of which is a trusting and sustainable relationship with the carers.

Children at this age are motivated to do a lot themselves and we want to support them as much as possible. Practical life skills such as eating with a spoon, putting on and taking off shoes, washing hands etc. are practiced step by step at the children’s pace. The carers provide help as long as the children need it. At the same time the focus is on group life and social learning. Dealing with each other and accompanying them through conflicts are essential components of everyday life in a children’s group.

Focus of the nursery Unispatzen: social learning

The central goal of our nursery is that the children feel comfortable and enjoy coming to us. The nursery offers children the opportunity to meet other children and experience community. The greatest possible freedom for individual development and the learning of consideration in dealing with each other are equally important.

Our aim is to make the social skills of the children visible and to support them in learning a responsible and considerate way of dealing with each other. In the children’s group everyday life the children learn to respect each other, to follow rules, to get in contact with each other, to build up relationships and to cope with conflicts. In the nursery they have the opportunity to practice and learn how social interaction works. Clear boundaries and rules facilitate living together in the group.



Childcare: 195 €/ month
For a particularly good child care in small groups and developmental psychological accompaniment; 80 € for a healthy snack and freshly cooked lunch are included.

The children’s group is supported by public funds of the City of Vienna – MA 10.

The prizes are valid for those children who are sponsored by the City of Vienna (MA 10) and are registered in the database of the MA 10 (announcement of the “customer number” in the children’s office). The main residence of at least one parent in Vienna is a prerequisite for the support of the City of Vienna.

Registration fee: 150 € (to be paid once on admission)

The Vienna University Children’s Office reserves the right to make price adjustments.


Please indicate your interest in a childcare place using the online form.

Early Years Teachers

The team is multidisciplinary. The children are accompanied by specialist in early childhood development.

The team of the nursery “Uniküken” and “Unispatzen”