Youth Parliaments

On behalf of the Austrian Parliament and in cooperation with the Parliamentary Administration, the Vienna University Children’s Office has been designing and supervising youth and apprentice parliaments since 2003. The Austrian Parliament regularly invites pupils and apprentices to gain an insight into the work of the Parliament and to slip into the role of parliamentarians themselves.

The Vienna University Children’s Office has developed the concept of this unique democracy mediation project together with the Parliamentary Administration and accompanies the young people during the event.

Youth Parliament

Since 2008, the Austrian Parliament has regularly invited pupils from the 9th grade to two-day youth parliaments. The young people are invited to get to know parliamentary procedures and to experience them for themselves.

Apprentice Parliament

Since 2015, apprentices have been addressed as a new target group of the Austrian Parliament’s democracy education initiatives. The concept of the Youth Parliament was further developed into an apprenticeship project and tested for the first time with apprentices from all over Austria in March 2015.

European Student Parliament

As part of a European initiative, a European Parliament of Pupils was held for the first time in Vienna in February 2014. Vienna was only one of many cities in which the project was implemented. In June 2014 the participants of the different countries met in Copenhagen. Viennese youths were also present. The project was realised by the Vienna Business Agency and the Vienna University Children’s Office.