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Children’s University Guided Tours

Under the motto “universi-was?”, the Vienna University Children’s Office offers year-round interactive guided tours for school classes from the 2nd to the 8th grade through the University of Vienna. An exciting journey of discovery through the history of the University of Vienna and the world of science awaits the children and teens.

The aim is to introduce children to science and research as early as possible and to encourage their curiosity. A first step is to get to know the place where science and research happen – the university.

The Children’s University Guided Tours are a perfect match for the Austrian curriculum for subject “Sachunterricht”.


universi-what? Guided tours for children at the University of Vienna

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Dates and registration

Current dates and booking options can be found here.

CampusKids – Kids do research at the university campus!

A new project was initiated in 2018 to mark the 20th anniversary of the campus of the University of Vienna. CampusKids invites school classes to an exciting research session on site. In the research team, the students deal with the topics of sustainability and Europe!

CampusKids for elementary school classes (2nd to 4th grade):

Here students learn what happens at a university and what research is all about. They get to know and apply scientific methods. Supported by two mediators, the CampusKids embark on an exciting research trip: Elementary school classes (2nd to 4th grade) visit the campus of the University of Vienna to get to the bottom of the questions “How do we save our climate?” or “What unites Europe?” Depending on their choice, they either explore the diversity of European countries or immerse themselves in the world of sustainability and try out scientific methods for themselves!

Dates and Booking

Details on the current dates and booking options can be found here (only in German).