Kix! Your children’s universityXpress

Kix! Your Children’s UniversityXpress is a science magazine for children between the ages of eight and twelve and is written by the editorial team of the Children’s Office of the University of Vienna (graphics and layout: Typejockeys, illustrations: Leopold Maurer). From 2013 to 2015, four issues were published per year. KiX! offers 32 pages of reading material and experiments, riddles and fun, specialist vocabulary and interviews, and invites readers to think outside the box, research and question critically.

In the follow-up project “eKix! Your DIY-Children’s UniversityXpress”, an online tool for designing science newspapers by and for children was created.

New: Riddlekix! For all fans (children and adults) of puzzles, experiments, games and jokes, the new Puzzle-Kix! is designed (graphic: Nienke Schmutzer), a puzzle block that fits in every pocket and invites you to tinker, puzzle, laugh and experiment.