Josefstädterin 2019: Votes for the women’s team of the children’s office (until 1.9.)!

28. August 2019

Group picture

© Kinderbüro der Universität Wien

The women’s team of the Children’s Office of the University of Vienna has been nominated as Josefstädter 2019 for her commitment in the field of “Science and Education”! 24 women between the ages of 24 and 58 work every day in the Children’s Office on educational projects for children and young people – together with 8 men, by the way!

We need your voice! Until 01 September there is still the possibility to vote for the Josefstädterin 2019 – for the nomination of the children’s office and the voting box click here…

The women’s team in the children’s office says THANK YOU!